Having accurate, fast and reliable data, Cloud ERP System provides

a 360-degree view on how the business performance is and deliver

more insights to enable customized, responsive and a seamless flow

of customer experience.

The pervasiveness of technology has led many retailers moving their brick and mortar store to an online e-commerce store. Now more than ever, consumers have embraced online shopping as a norm and this makes retailer must keep up in the online space in this fast-changing industry.

Retailers not only better equipped to accommodate with the existing customer, but also open your business up to immense customers by moving online.  An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System provides you the real-time visibility into data needed to make an informed decision and create a seamless customer experience as your customer base is expanding.

Perfect Partnership between an ERP and E-commerce

Entering and managing data in disparate system is a painful process to thrive in the e-commerce industry. It involves huge effort on tracking and updating data when there are multiple system run separately. With an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, these types of costly mistakes would simply be avoided with its integration of all the systems. Under one centralized system, ‘data silos’ will be removed straightaway, providing your business a real-time and accurate data.

ERP System for E-commerce 

ERP Ecommerce System

Integration of business process

Today’s business landscape has been transformed drastically , requiring a global business ecosystem to be digitally connected in every industry. Connection and collaboaration have become important factors to thrive in this age of superhighway. GERP is specially designed for E-commerce industry as it can accomodate to shifting market dynamics and changing customer needs. From inventory management to customer experience, GERP meets all your business needs.

Order management

GERP automates sync of orders when there is a customer places an order in an E-commerce site. Having an ERP system gives the company the tools to create a much more transparent and collaborative environment for all stakeholders, allowing customers to track and check their order status from anywhere at any time. When the key stakeholders have the visibility of business performance across all of the departments, then it’s more easier for E-commerce executive to carry out a strategic plan.

Inventory management

One of the pain points in E-commerce industry is tracking and managing their inventory stock. Getting numbers laid out not only ensures the consistency of stock across sales channels but also allows customers to view inventory status online, providing customer sense of reliability.

Customer management

Running an E-commerce business opens up to massive opportunities. In addition to the exponential growth in expectations of customers, transparency and immediacy are winning the customer support race.  ERP System will directly capture the customer information when there is a new sign-up. Also, as the customer updates his/her personal information, the details will be automatically synced with ERP System.

Improve on business process integration

Allow every relevant data to be shared and accessed across the department

Grow Your business with Strategic Planning

Assess business performance and forecast based on the real-time data

Instant boost of productivity

Manage and gain insights of your inventory under one centralized dashboard

Ensure on-time delivery

Create and deliver dynamic consumer experience in real-time

Delight your customers

Reach and process customer's orders promptly through one centralized system

Engage with customers

Provide immediate facility to check the status of an order

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