ERP for Logistics & Supply Chain

ERP is a powerful tool which facilitates the flow of information within an organization and enables fleet operators to manage product distribution and staff maintenance.

Every business has its own sets of methods, products and service that makes them stand out from the crowd. As Singapore has been consistently ranked the top-performing logistics hub in Asia, it has made logistics become one of the largest growing industries in the country. However, such a huge business also faces similar operational problems and challenges during the transformation. Change has made numerous companies fail to adapt and reach their goals.

The challenges of inventory optimization, speed, visibility, real-time and accuracy lead to implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System that can be immensely helpful in streamlining complicated business process and helping business leaders to derive insight from their data before coming out with a decision.

Boost operations efficiency

Foster communication between suppliers, distributors, and retailers, and allow carriers to send live information to drivers

Gain visibility in inventory

Manage inventories on a personalized dashboard that allows you to view orders, sales, and deliveries from one centralized location.

Utilize resource for innovation

Manage employee hours and rest breaks and collect information about staff performance from anywhere at anytime

Implement Strategic Planning

Make reliable forecasts about future orders based on the accurate, fast and real-time data stored in ERP

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